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Experience the chaos of futuristic vehicle combat. Blow your opponents to smithereens and earn upgrade points to customize your car.

How To Play

Use WASD to drive your car. The mouse buttons aim and shoot. Kill your opponents with your guns, ram them, or push them off the edge of the map. The more enemies you kill, the more powerful you'll become. Each kill nets you a power-up and XP to use toward upgrading your car's stats. Make sure you visit the Customize menu to take advantage of the upgrades you've earned. Strategy: Kill other players to get power-ups and upgrade your car. Your progress is saved, so customize your vehicle to your heart's content. Stats Upgrades Acceleration: Improves your vehicle's acceleration and braking. Top Speed: The more you upgrade, the faster you go. Cornering: Upgrade this to be more maneuverable and turn on a dime. Armor: Take less damage from attacks and collisions. Power-ups Machine Gun: Pepper your opponents with an onslaught of lead. Leech Shot: Shoot enemies to heal yourself. Grenade Launcher: A slow but powerful weapon. There's nothing quite like a good old fashioned explosion. Saw: Shoots blades that rip into your opponents' hulls. Laser: Fry your adversaries with the fastest shot in the game. Spread Gun: Fires rounds in an arc, similar to a shotgun blast. MIRV: Launches 5 mini-grenades at a time. Double Shot: Twin cannons. Homing Shot: Heat-seeking bullets. Random Shot: Every shot is a surprise. Mimics the other power-ups at random.

ioGround Proxy

The official ioGround proxy is a Chrome Extension that can be used to unblock so you can play at school or work. The proxy is similar to a VPN extension except it's optimized for unblocking .io games and only works on

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